Zpráva z pracovní návštěvy - Ploen (Německo)

From 16.02.15 to 28.02.15, Oleksiy Yanchukov was visiting the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology (MPI) in Ploen, Germany. During this time I performed a series of experiments to optimize digital PCR for several autosomal loci in the mouse genome, and genotyped 3 new candidate genes for the copy number variation across the house mouse hybrid zone. The work was done jointly with Zuzana Hiadlovska visiting MPI from the Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics ASCR, Brno. Multiple discussions were held with the colleagues at MPI concerning the perspectives of future collaboration. The results of this and previous visits motivated Z.Hiadlovska and me to submit a standard proposal to GACR, entitled “Analysis of gene copy number variation in the hybridizing populations of Mus musculus ssp.”