Zpráva z konference - Sheffield (UK)

6.-9.1.2015 se Stuart J.E. Baird účastnil konference Population Genetics Group Meeting konané v anglickém Sheffieldu.

The conference was dedicated in memoriam to Bryan Clarke, one of the co-founders. Highlights were:

1) Prof Nick Barton's talk on understanding genomic islands - neatly pointing out that the Fst statistic confounds the effects of loss of variation within populations with increased differences between populations. He demonstrated, for the Mimulus system, that a genomic island at flower colour polymorphism loci is due to the former, not the latter, in contrast to the assumptions made in most genomic islands publications.
2) The final day plenary talk by Simon Myers on his reconstruction of human population structure in the UK and especially Spain, where signal from the reconquista is writ large across Iberia. This resolution is made possible by taking into account the blockwise nature of DNA inheritance.