Zpráva z pracovní cesty - Ploen (Německo) + Shatsk (Ukrajina)

8.-10.9.2014 se Oleksiy Yanchukov účastnil pracovního workshopu v německém Ploenu a konference v ukrajinském Shatsku:

From 9/09/14 to 10/09/14, I was visiting the Max-Plank Institute of Evolutionary Biology in Ploen, Germany, to take part in the workshop provided by Pia Scheu and her colleagues from Bio-Rad, Inc. The practical workshop concerned the use of the Bio-Rad QX-2000 digital PCR machine, which I intend to use during the future visits to MPI in terms of our collaboration on the house mouse genetics. 

On 11/09/14 I travelled to the town of Shatsk, Ukraine, to participate at the meeting "Condition and biodiversity of the ecosystems of the Shatsk National Park". I presented a talk "Hybrid zones as natural evolutionary laboratories" to the interested audience of students and researched from Ukraine, and renewed the contacts with Ukrainian colleagues. In particular, we discussed the possibility to continue the research on the hybrid zone of Bombina toads, and the possibility of a prospective PhD student from Lviv National University in Ukraine to attend the upcoming CENTRAL EUROPEAN MEETING ON GENES, GENE EXPRESSION, AND BEHAVIOUR in Nove Hrady to boost her possible research project on Bombina in Ukraine.