Zpráva z pracovní cesty - Roscoff (Bretaň, Francie)

6.-10.9.2014 se Wasimuddin, Ph.D. účastnil  CNRS konference konané ve francouzském městě Roscoff (Bretaň):

The broad topic of CNRS conference entitled as “Infectious diseases as drivers of evolution: the challenge ahead held at Roscoff (Brittany), France from September 6-10, 2014” was host-pathogen interaction and evolution. I presented there a poster showing contrasting genetic structure of two parasite species, Syphacia obvelata (Oxyuridae) and Trichuris muris (Trichuridae) from European House Mouse Hybrid Zone (HMHZ). The genetic structure of parasites was analysed using both mitochondrial and microsatellite markers. For this purpose, microsatellites markers were developed using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) approach. The poster described very important findings about new pathogen genotypes evolution and presence of hybrid worms in HMHZ. The poster was well discussed and appreciated by scientific community. I also attended lectures and visited posters from other researchers, which widen my knowledge and gave me new ideas about the field.

In this concern, I would like to thank to NextGenProject (CZ.1.07/2.3.00/20.0303) for providing me travel support to attend this conference, which was a great success.