Zpráva z pracovní cesty - Antverpy (Belgie)

26.-28.6.2014 uskutečnila Joelle Gouy de Bellocq, PhD. (post-doc, člen NextGen Teamu) pracovní cestu do Belgii. 

The goal of my visit to Antwerp, Belgium, (26-28 June 2014) was to meet with Prof. Herwig Leirs and Sophie Gryseels from the Evolutionary Ecology group of the University of Antwerp to discuss and plan a project on Next-Generation sequencing of 5 new strains of arenaviruses and 1 new hantavirus we discovered during our previous project on RNA viruses in Africa. We also meet with collaborators from the Clinical and Epidemiological Virology group of the Rega Institute from the KU Leuven to discuss preliminary results and plan the next steps on the genetic analyses of Hepaciviruses in African small mammals samples.