Zpráva z pracovní cesty - San Juan, Puerto Rico (USA)

Oleksiy Yanchukov:

From 29.05.14 to 15.06.14, I traveled to USA for a working visit.

For the first week of the visit, I went to the laboratory of Prof. Stephen Proulx in the University of Santa Barbara, to discuss (i) the theoretical models of spatial population structure and the evolution of gene duplications, and (ii) the modelling of the transposon-mediated expansion of gene families in the house mouse. The first project is a continuation of our previous work in the UC Santa Barbara and the second relates to my current collaboration with Vaclav Janousek from IVB and Dr. Robert Karn and Dr. Christina Laukaitis in the University of Arizona.

From 7-13 June 2014, I traveled to San Juan, Puerto Rico to take part in the annual international meeting of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution (SMBE). There I presented a poster about the spatial population genetics models of gene duplication evolution and discussed my research with colleagues.